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I can not be more excited to share with you the blog design and family photo session that I have been working on for some friends of mine for a few weeks now! Kyle and Taylor have been friends of ours for seven years, and we love them like family. When Taylor shared with me that they had decided to move forward with pursing a gospel-centered adoption to bring home the fifth Smith, I was obviously thrilled!

It has been so sweet to see their heart for adoption as I have partnered with them in preparing to make this announcement. From family photos to T-shirt and blog design to assist them in facilitating fundraising and updates, this has been such a joy-filled process for me.

I'll quote their words here about why they chose adoption:

"When we were not a part of God’s family He came to where we were and paid the price to make us His children. We know that we are loved, accepted and have an eternal inheritance through Christ’s sacrifice. This truth compels us to love others in the same way. God’s word calls us to speak for those who cannot speak and to take care of orphans and widows in their affliction. We believe adoption is one of the best ways to put on display what God has done for this world and we want do the same for a child so that they might know God’s love."

They have chosen to adopt from India, and when asked why they chose to go there, they said,

"India has a population of around 1.2 billion people and of those 1.2 billon, 20 million are orphans, making it the country with the largest population of orphans in the whole world. The sad reality is that those children will remain orphans in orphanages unless someone comes to adopt them. These facts broke our hearts and gave us a desire to get involved there."

I have already been praying for my sweet friends, and will continue to do so. Would you join me in supporting them? Visit their blog to hear more of their story, partner with them, and follow along with their updates throughout the process.

Now that we've celebrated and "oohed + aahed" over this adorable family and their huge hearts, let's take just a moment to chat about my blog and website design services, as well as my support program for adopting families.

Who does Hope Lauren Creative offer web design services to?

Anyone who wants to have a beautiful and functional online space to help them share their passions with their loved ones, friends, and others in their circles. My services can be catered toward your needs, so whether you're a family who is looking to share a fundraising journey with those closest to you, or you're a business owner looking to create a strong online presence to help you connect with your customers, I can help! Some of my experience in web design includes adoption blogs, a local salon and spa, and a ChristIan school. .

Why and how does Hope Lauren Creative support families seeking adoption?

Over the past few years as I have better understood the call of believers to care for the orphan, I have felt a tug on my heart to have an active role in orphan care. I have not felt that adoption and foster care has been the unique call of our family, but that didn't give me an "out" to just do nothing. I found myself scrolling past fundraising pages over and over, and I wanted to give to every single one, but that wasn't financially possible. So, when I began preparing to launch Hope Lauren Creative, I knew without a doubt that God wanted me to use my talents to come alongside these families and help equip them to raise the funds they will need for their adoption and also give them an avenue to stay connected with the people who choose to join their team of supporters.

Five percent of all of the proceeds for any work done through Hope Lauren Creative is set aside to help provide what is needed to provide these services to adopting families free of charge. If you are an adopting family and would like to talk to me about the services I have to offer, please fill out my interest form and I'll be in touch with you to discuss your needs and if I have the capacity to currently take on an adopting family.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog! If I can assist you with any questions or if you are interested in photography, web design, or marketing support, please contact me.

- Hope