The Answer Is Yes!

Not too long ago, I got a message from a friend asking if I was still able to provide blog design services to adopting families, and I of course quickly responded, "YES!" She passed on my information to Wayne and Whitney, and we connected shortly after to begin the process of getting a blog designed and ready to go so that they could document and share their journey as well as have an easy place to send people when they wanted to support them financially.

Though I don't personally know them well, it was clear in working with them that they are such a fun couple and are so excited to be heading down this road. When it came down to details and where they would be adopting from, I thought they put it so sweetly when they said, "Our hearts are in North Carolina therefore we will be pursuing a Domestic Infant Adoption here in our home state." Adoption of any kind is an incredible gift, but something about reading that sentence just makes my heart smile.

They've already been approved, and the next step is the home study! You can head on over to their blog if you'd like to read more of their story, subscribe to updates, or support them through prayer or giving.

Are you adopting or do you know someone who has made that decision? Visit my adoption page to submit an interest form if you would be interested in my complimentary blog design services for adopting families!