The Romance Event | Why Couples Sessions?

In the fall, I had the opportunity to take engagement photos for Colin and Julia (you might remember if you've been following along). I had so much fun during that session, and it truly fueled my creative passion. As I was finishing out the year, I began to think about how couples, like Ben and I, who have been married for a while and have a couple kids don't really get a lot of opportunities to be alone together. We definitely don't have pictures to document our relationship during this season, haha. So, that is where the idea sparked and I knew that I wanted to set up an accessible and convenient way for couples like us to have fun together and really capture the connection that makes the relationship so special.

If you're in the same boat with us, you know that date night often can get a slow start where you end up talking about the kids, work, or other serious things on your to-do list. Let this event help break the cycle and instead start your date with 20 minutes packed full of playful flirting and deep connection. You'll be only minutes away from local dining options so that you can continue your evening of romance with ease.

A healthy marriage is essential to a healthy family. How awesome will it be that your children can look back over family photos and see that your love for each other was clearly displayed and valued , not just at your wedding, but throughout your entire marriage? You have the awesome opportunity to set the example that having kids doesn't mean your marriage has to take a back seat!

These sessions aren't only for married couples with young kids, though! The Romance Event is open to all couples - engaged, newly-wed, parents, and empty-nesters are all welcome! The idea was simply birthed from my own experience, but I'd love to see where all it can go!

Are you ready to take a leap and let me capture your love?

Book your session now, availability for this event is limited!