Becoming a Family Historian - Lesson 1

I am so excited to be starting this series where I’ll be teaching you how to use your phone to document each season of the life of your family! But first, let’s talk about what it means to be a family historian.

Family Historian {noun} /pronounce/ fam•uh•lee his•tor•ee•an : The expert on the topic of one’s family who documents the fleeting moments of family life in order to preserve them as timeless memories.

The awesome thing about being a family historian is that you get to tell your family’s story from your own perspective. My hope is that by the time you finish following along with this series, you’ll be able to look at your camera roll on your phone and find that you’re capturing meaningful images you’re excited to add to your photo books and share with others.

Each week we’ll cover a new lesson and you’ll have a new challenge to help you apply what you’ve learned. I’d love to follow along with your images, so if you post them be sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram - @hopelaurencreative!

Lesson #1 : Create Your Game Plan

I know this part isn’t incredibly exciting, but I want to be sure that you start this with the right mindset and preparation because it will really have a profound impact that you start with the right foundation. Here’s what you need to do….

  • Choose your camera. - For the sake of this series I’ll be focusing on using your phone, but if you have another camera and want to use it, go for it!

  • Clean that lens! - Let’s be real, your camera lens on your phone is likely nasty. Wipe away the fingerprints, makeup, or baby drool so that you have the best chances at a clear image.

  • Start taking notes. - Wait, what? How does taking notes help me take better pictures?… You’ll be more likely to capture those priceless moments if you can anticipate when they’re going to happen. So start a new note on your phone and start taking note of little moments you’d like to capture. Maybe it’s the way your daughter stands on her tip toes to put her dishes in the sink after dinner or the when your son runs up to tackle dad as he walks in the door. Notice the patterns of your life and take note of what is special. This can be things your family does, the way the sun comes in your window, or temporary details of your season. Whatever you notice, take note, and this will give you a goal and direction for what to capture.

Challenge: Grab your phone and take a photo today. You’ll keep this image as your baseline so that you can compare future images to see how much you’ve improved by applying the lessons in this series. There is nearly nothing more satisfying than seeing your art improve!

Growth of Photography Skills over 10 years
We are all always learning and growing, and seeing how much of that has occurred is a huge motivation to keep going!

Don’t forget, if you post your image for this week, or if you want to share your list, be sure to tag me so that I can follow along!

Happy shooting!