DeHart Family | Richmond, VA

Do you have friends that when you look back over time it still amazes you how your paths crossed and you were able to develop a friendship? That is pretty much how I feel about Aurda. We met online when we were both trying to conceive our first babies and the more we chatted the more we had in common. Though we lived in different states, we were the same age (only 7 days from being the EXACT same age), both believers, and enjoyed similar things. It didn't take long before we were chatting all the time, and one thing lead to another and I had myself a new out-of-state friend that I felt like I'd known my whole life.

With five years of friendship under out belt, we now have a collective of five children between the two of us and have spend many hours encouraging each other as we both navigated motherhood and small business.

When my family vacation this year removed the distance from the equation, we decided to do Audra's family photos in Richmond. I was so excited to get to see her and meet the newest little one, and getting to capture them in my frame was a total bonus.

I'm hearing rumor that she'll be coming to Greensboro next year, and if that's the case, I already can't wait!

Are you ready to get some updated family photos before the end of the year? Contact me today! I'm currently booking mid-late November and would love to secure your spot!