5 Tips for a Stunning Session

You have finally decided to book a session, but what do you do next? How do you prepare yourself and your family for the big day?

Today, I want to share with you my top 5 tips to prepare you and your family for a session that will be fun, stress-free, and lead to stunning images.

1.) Plan your outfits ahead of time. There are several things to consider, and Pinterest can be a valuable tool. When it comes to colors, think complementary rather than matching exactly. Don't be scared of a pattern, but choose only one or two to include - For example, maybe you'll wear a maxi dress with a large floral and your daughter will have a thin-striped shirt. Consider your home decor if you plan to hang your photos in your home, you'll want the colors you're wearing to fit your home's style. Don't forget to try on your clothes in advance; you want to feel amazing in what you wear! Let your kids have some input! Chances are, they will be happier if they are comfortable. Here are a couple of great collections to inspire you:

2.) Communicate with your husband about what to expect on the day of your session. Show him examples of images that you love. Most men likely will assume that going to take family photos means the traditional "sit in front of a camera and smile" rather than the more lifestyle type images that you often see in my work. He will feel more prepared, and may be more enthusiastic, if he knows what to expect.

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3.) Expect that the first few minutes of your session will feel a little awkward. It's not exactly "normal" to be cuddled up and romantically gazing at each other in the middle of a park with other people walking around and a camera pointed at you, so, until you get in the groove it may feel a little odd. Feeling awkward at first is totally normal and 100% okay! Trust me to coach you through the session and capture just what we need, you can relax and enjoy it!

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4.) When the kids aren't being cooperative, try not to stress and get agitated. Kids will be kids and sometimes that means they don't want to do what you ask them to do. One of the best things you can do when your kids are wanting to pave their own way is to take a deep breath, smile, and play with them. Try to make them laugh. Spin around and dance. Simply be the fun parents they know you to be, and it will put them at ease. Sometimes these moments make the best photos too! You may not get that exact pose from your pinterest board, but you'll likely get one that brings even more joy as you remember the fun you were having and the sound of your children laughing.

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5.) Have fun! Seriously, just try to relax and enjoy the process. Don't be scared to giggle, whisper, and joke. Have an idea? Let's try it! Not digging a suggested pose? Mention it and let's move on. In the end, I don't want you to just have great photos, I want you to have great memories of the entire process!

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Are you feeling equipped and excited to schedule a session? Contact me now!