1 Month of Baby Snuggles

I'm quite convinced that the only thing better than becoming an aunt this year has been being able to capture the story as it has happened. Yes, I get to capture other's stories often and I photograph my own girls all the time (you know this if you saw my last post), but there was just something special about telling the story of others in my own family. Add to that, that as I look back over the images I've taken for my sister since they first announced their pregnancy until now, it is a clear example of the growth and fine tuning I've been able to accomplish in my skills and style as a photographer this year.

First there was the announcement, then the gender reveal, and the maternity session...

One of the most amazing aspects of this experience was being invited to photograph the actual birth, and while I'm limited as to what I can share from that time, maybe these images will give a little glimpse into the incredible experience it was.

The labor was long, the birth incredible, and little Layne was absolutely precious! She ended up spending a week in the NICU, so our original plans for an in-home newborn session didn't pan out the way we expected. Even so, we had such a sweet time photographing her this past weekend.

If these don't melt your heart, I'm not sure what will! I'd love to tell your story and capture your heart-melting moments. Take the first step and contact me today!